Reflections: Acceptance and Expanding
January 11, 2019
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January 18, 2019
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Reflection: Acceptance and Expanding

What a cool time of year! A time to rest, hibernate, remember 2018, plant seeds for 2019. Reflecting on 2018 and the journey I have been on and I cannot help but grin from ear to ear. Like the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland.

OMG it did not start like that! January 2018 found me with making lists to keep me from slipping into the abyss. Literally. I was done. The sadness, depression, loneliness, and pain was overwhelming.

The trip to Peru started an incredible healing journey that has led me to the exact spot I am supposed to be. For the first time in a long time I am so excited for the future! It only took 48 years! Lol!

The reflection in my mirror has revealed all its secrets to me. It is so exhilarating to see who I am! Now I am moving WITH this information into my true calling and releasing the things (guilt, shame, unworthiness, insecurity) that haven’t served me and I will not carry into my future.

As I plan for 2019, I am excited and terrified for all the things I have been led to do. I’ve talked a lot about ways we as women have been kept small for sometime. Either by society, religion, parents, friends, so many beliefs that have kept us small. Now I want to live out loud and share with as many people as I can to work with the gifts they were born with!

What if at 25 I had known this? All my gifts, strengths, weaknesses, how I love people, why I see things a certain way! I have no regrets for learning all of this at this time in my life because I truly believe in divine timing, I see my daughter at age 25 and wow! I am so excited for her! So many gifts! And she knows it. Now. At 25.

She has insight into the patterns of emotions she has to deal with, her personal strengths and challenges, even the kind of people she will be attracted to and the kind of work she would enjoy! Damn! Look out world!

Here’s the deal, Chinese Face Reading has changed my life. I have incorporated it into every aspect of my life and work. When you understand what your face is telling you about what is happening in your body and your spirit you can transform yourself. Physically ( seriously, I have seen it!), emotionally, and spiritually. It is all connected.

Whatever resolutions you make or words you choose to live out this year, take time right now to look. Look at your reflection. What do you see? What does it tell you? How do you feel when you really look at that person looking back at you?

So happy that this January when I look in the mirror I can smile at her. She has walked through fire, and she is working on fading those lines and creating more and more joy lines. She sees her purpose lines deepening and that makes her smile even wider.

When you know what the lines mean it doesn’t make it as scary to look at them. Besides when you fear growing older a little secret ( you get another line on your chin!) so embrace it. Change how you speak to yourself.

Instead of I look old, how about I have so much wisdom now. Instead of I hate those 11’s on my forehead, what am I frustrated about, angry about? How can I release the tension I am holding on to?

You see the lines on your face are messages to you. So as I accept my reflection, I can expand my reach further in the world. May your 2019 be full of opportunities to experience everything you were meant to!

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